Violent Crimes

Recent Case Result: Client charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Knife) with criminal street gang allegations & enhancements, plus a charge of actively participating in a criminal street gang facing 17 years in State Prison if convicted. Client received probation with a suspended prison sentence.

Recent Case Result: Client charged with 5 counts of Robbery and Burglary with gang / weapon allegations & enhancements facing life in prison if convicted. Client accepted a plea deal for one count of burglary with no allegations and enhancements for a total prison term of 4 years 8 months (Credit for Time Served).

What is a Violent Crime?
Violent crimes are criminal acts that involve the use or threat of violence. In most cases, violence is used as a means to an end, especially during crimes such as rape and robbery. During the commission of a violent crime, the offender may or may not use a weapon. If the offender uses a weapon while committing a violent crime, or if the act of violence causes injury or extreme distress to another person, the offense will usually be classified as felony, although some violent offenses are charged as misdemeanors.

Frequently Committed Violent Crimes

In California, commonly committed violent crimes include: assault, battery, robbery and armed robbery, murder, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, gang crimes, kidnapping, arson, domestic violence, stalking, hate crimes, carjacking, sexual assault, and terrorist threats.

California Violent Crime Legal Penalties

If a person is convicted of a violent crime he or she may be punished by imprisonment in jail or in state prison for extremely long period of time, including life; large fines and fees; court ordered restitution; anger management classes; community service; and other penalties.

If the defendant has a prior criminal offense on his/her record, or if the defendant used a weapon while committing the crime, he or she may be subject to enhanced criminal charges and sentencing if convicted. Due to the life-altering legal consequences that are involved, it is always in a persons best interest to obtain the services of a criminal defense attorney who has the legal background and knowledge it takes to successfully fight violent crime charges.