Is a prior criminal conviction on your record preventing you from getting a job? Are you trying to get a state license for your trade or profession? Are you worried about a minor conviction from your past ending your chances of becoming a United States citizen? Let attorneys Chester & Lewkowicz help you get your criminal record cleared of misdemeanor and felony convictions!

What is an expungement?
In California, an expungement is the process by which a persons criminal convictions are dismissed. The previously entered guilty plea or finding of guilty by a judge or jury is completely set aside and the case is completely dismissed! An expungement does not completely seal or destroy a persons criminal record, but relieves the defendant of certain penalties they faced from their conviction.

Why is an expungement important?
A criminal record can prevent you from getting a good job, obtaining credit, voting, obtaining certain professional licenses, affect your ability to become a United States citizen, and obtaining other social benefits. Expungements and clearning your criminal record dismisses your prior criminal convictions from the public record. This makes a person eligible for employment, the ability to run for political office, and apply for and obtain credit. You will not have to walk around as a “criminal” and will not have to worry about applying for that next job!

Are your convictions eligible for an expungement?
Not all criminal convictions can be expunged. Most misdemeanors as well as some felonies qualify for expungement and dismissal. Felony convictions may be expunged as long as the defendant did not serve time in State Prison and successfully completed all the terms of probation. While it does not determine whether a person is eligible to apply for an expungement the number of convictions a person has on their criminal record, as well as the dates of those convictions, are also factors the court will consider when deciding whether to grant an expungement and dismiss a defendants past conviction. Contact the Law Offices of Chester & Lewkowicz and have an experienced attorney evaluate your criminal record and past convictions to determine if you are eligible to have some of your convictions dismissed!